How to Maintain The Silver-plated Steel Tiffany Replicas Bought from ZAG

How to Maintain The Silver-plated Steel Tiffany Replicas Bought from ZAG

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Your jewelry is precious!!

Every piece of jewelry you buy is precious and it is important to maintain it the right way. To maintain jewelry you need the right piece of guidance and that’s what you get here. Here are a few tips to maintain your silver plated steel jewelry and Gold plated steel jewelry.


A. Limit the exposure of your jewelry to household items like bleach or cornet.

B. Take off your jewelry while swimming in the pool

C. Don’t wear your jewelry during a shower

D. Avoid exposure of your jewelry during an intensive workout session

E. Store your jewelry in an anti-tarnish container when you are not using it. It is safer to buy storage boxes that are lined with anti-tarnish fabric.

F. Keep your jewelry absolutely dry all the time.


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